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IMPORTANT Blog Sale Information:

Shipping: (Makeup ships w/ accessories, Clothes ship separately)
- I ship to US and Canada only (sorry for the inconvenience)
- US Shipping:
- $5 for initial makeup/accessory. Add $0.50 for each additional item, up to $10.
- Canada Shipping:
- $11.45 for initial makeup/accessory. Add $0.50 for each additional item, up to $15.
NOTE: For prices in CAD, just subtract $1 from the listed price and that's how much I am asking for if you pay in CAD.
- Packages will be sent within 24 hours of receiving payment, unless I receive a payment on Monday or Wednesday (then they will be sent within 48 hours because I have school all day Tues/Thurs). I will notify you by email when I have mailed off your package and will include a tracking number if available.
- Please let me know when you receive your package. :-)

Note: I am not responsible for a package once it is handed over to the Post Office. I will do what I can by safely packing products in bubble wrap.

Ordering and Payment:
- I only accept payments through Paypal. Sign up for free by clicking here. **If you live in Canada, feel free to send paypal payments in Canadian dollars, as prices will be slightly lower for you in my effort to balance out your expensive shipping.**
- Contact me by email ( leaving a list of the items you want, your full mailing address, and your paypal email address. Everything is first come, first serve.
- I will send you an invoice through paypal to confirm your order, and after receiving the invoice you have 48 hours to send payment. I cannot hold items longer than the 48 hours.
- All sales are final. No returns/exchanges.